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At Briidge The Gap, we're turning that wonder into reality. Through immersive digital experiences, hands-on workshops, and a unique focus on education, expression, and empowerment, we're making STEAM accessible to every child. Together, we're crafting tomorrow's innovators.

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BRIIDGE Newsletter

Rooted in the principles of compassion, dedication, and innovation, we are more than just an organization. We are a community bound by the belief that every individual deserves an equal chance at success. Our team, diverse in experience but united in purpose, collaborates tirelessly to bring this belief to life.

Our Essence

From humble beginnings to impactful milestones, our journey has been one of resilience, learning, and growth. Every challenge faced has shaped us, every success celebrated has propelled us forward, and every individual touched has reminded us of the importance of our mission.

Our Journey

At the heart of every transformative movement lies a story. Ours began with a singular vision: to bridge the equity divide in STEAM and craft brighter futures. Today, that vision pulses through every endeavor we undertake.

Our Vision

Our Testimonials

Dive into the  stories and experiences shared by those who've journeyed with us. These testimonials shine a light on the real-world impact of our efforts and echo the voices of gratitude, inspiration, and educational transformation.

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"The service that Josh and his group provides is cutting edge for today's students in the technology climate we currently live in. I have no hesitation recommending Bridge the Gap."

Jennifer Gray

Mckinney ISD Instructor
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“Throughout the past three years the events have only gotten bigger and better responses from parents and students alike. We're very happy to host anything Briidge The Gap wants to do."

Gary Landeck

Director, Mckinney Library System
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“The work this group is doing is ushering in entirely new perspectives on what's possible for students today."

Derrick Wesley

Founder, Imar Learning Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

At Briidge The Gap, we're dedicated to building bridges towards a brighter academic future for every student. Your questions matter to us! Here's a compilation of some of the most common inquiries we receive, designed to help you better understand our mission, methods, and motivations.


What is the primary mission of Briidge The Gap?

Briidge The Gap is committed to closing educational disparities by providing immersive STEAM experiences that captivate, ignite, and empower. Our mission is to empower the next generation with the skills, knowledge, and unwavering confidence required to thrive in an ever-evolving world, enabling them to excel in any field they choose.


How does Briidge The Gap differentiate itself from traditional academic  initiatives?

Simply put, Briidge The Gap changes the game in education. We give students complete STEAM experiences that prepare them for today's fast-paced world. Our approach is all about creativity, innovation, and making learning inclusive and exciting. We believe in not just supporting the student but also in building a community around them that champions their success. In-Person is our lightning-in-a-bottle.


How can I get involved or support Briidge The Gap's initiatives?

We always welcome and appreciate support from the community! Whether it's volunteering your time as a mentor, donating resources, or partnering with us for events and programs, there are numerous ways you can make a difference.

Please visit our "Volunteer" section on our 'Featured' page for more details.


How does Briidge The Gap ensure that the support reaches the students who need it the most?

Our team conducts thorough needs assessments in collaboration with schools, educators, and community leaders. This ensures that our resources and efforts are channeled towards students facing the most significant educational disparities. We're committed to being hands-on and adaptive, constantly reviewing our impact and recalibrating our approach as needed.

Meet the Team

Our dedicated team at Briidge the Gap is passionate about our mission to empower underserved youth through education and bridge the gap in opportunity. Together, we work tirelessly to develop and implement programs and initiatives that equip young people with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Joshua Berry

Executive Director

Rishab Kattimani

Digital Literacy Director

Taylor Jones

Board Secretary

Andrea Shelton Ed.D

Director of Educational Experiences

Rakhi Meti

Programming Director

Maegan Escamilia

Director of Community Engagement

Shanyce Pringle

Director of Financial Literacy


Board Member

Stephanie Lamas

Board Member